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Sokly Sa
Chief Executive Officer
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Sambath Sem


Sokly has over 10 years of experience as a tech/marketing entrepreneur. His first experience as an entrepreneur was in 2011 when he started his own Web Design agency as a Sole Proprietor to help build his industry experience.  Sokly has worked for a few different companies and agencies in Toronto and London, Ontario, in a Digital Marketing, Web & Graphic Design role and understands the dynamics of the role and the business.  He worked as an Infrastructure Analyst for a Fortune 500 company and had also started a few other Digital Marketing & Design companies as a Sole Proprietor before founding The Lucky Tekkie Inc. as Founder, President & CEO in July 2020.  INTERESTING FACT: Sokly is also a Gold Artist with Bentley Records (NYC).

Born on October 7th, 1984 in a United Nations refugee camp, this artist’s journey has been marked by resilience and perseverance. The former saxophone and clarinet player, who taught himself the piano, has always demonstrated a knack for leadership. This was evident during his high school years when he served on the Students Council and ran for the position of VP.

However, this artist’s path was far from conventional. After dropping out of high school, he proved his academic prowess by graduating as the Valedictorian from St. Thomas Adult Learning Centre. This was followed by earning a Programmer Analyst/Web Developer diploma from Everest College.

His professional life is just as multifaceted as his educational journey, having worked in over 25 different roles encompassing customer service, sales, marketing, web development, graphic design, and IT. His first foray into the working world was at the tender age of 8, where he went door-to-door selling catalog merchandise. This was followed by a three-year stint as a paperboy, starting at age 11.

The artist is also a decorated speaker, with numerous Oratorical Awards to his name. His sporting prowess is exhibited in his cross-country achievements, despite the occasional tripping incident.

As the Founder, President, and CEO of The Lucky Tekkie Inc. (O/A TEKKIE 360), he exhibits entrepreneurial prowess. Currently residing in St. Thomas, Ontario, he has also spent considerable time in Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, and London, Ontario.

His artistic journey is inextricably tied to Bogomil Atanasov, known professionally as Don Perinion. Hailing from Bulgaria and the owner of Donbeats.com, Bogomil has been instrumental in his career as his Producer.

This artist has released three albums: Just Poetry, Juxtapose, and Honour Glory Gratitude. The first two albums were initially released under the name Zenlee but were subsequently pulled from stores. His singles include compelling tracks such as “Hustle Flo,” “Native Children Count,” and “WET WORKOUT.” His dynamic background and life experiences inform the depth and richness of his music, offering listeners a unique and authentic musical journey.


Sambath joined TEKKIE 360 as Director in January 2022. Sambath has a fascination with business and general interests regarding many different industries.  His main priority is to ensure that TEKKIE 360 provides excellent service for our clients and partners.  He is dedicated towards building a brand with a people and client-first approach.  Sambath is committed to his role as Director to ensure the success of the business.  He envisions the company one day going public and getting listed on the stock exchange through our efforts.